How to Join

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Deadline to become a member is April 7, 2021.  

By joining the Farm & Fork Society you reap the rewards of being a member of a community supported agriculture group. Please recognize that there is no guarantee of the exact amount of produce to be received each week. The farm cannot offer refunds, should you be unable to continue through the season. The farms strive to provide us with the highest quality products at a reduced rate from market price throughout the season in exchange for your advanced commitment to the farms. By submitting your contract you are also agreeing to the rules and regulations of the CSA.

By purchasing produce, meats, prepared food and/or products (the “Food”) from the Farm & Fork Society, you acknowledge that the Food is provided by Lancaster Farm Cooperative, Circle Brook Farm, Hepworth Farms, Breezy Hill Orchards, Knoll Krest Farm, Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refinery Co, The Forage Feast LLC, and/or River Bend Farm (and any additional farmer partners). As such, you forever release the Farm & Fork Society and its employees or volunteers from any liability and/or damages which you may suffer through the consumption of the Food.