Rules & Regs

By becoming a member of Farm & Fork Society you assume the risks and reap the rewards of being a member of a community supported agriculture group (CSA). Please recognize that there is no guarantee of the exact amount of produce to be received each week. The farm cannot offer refunds, should you be unable to continue through the season. The farms strive to provide us with the highest quality products at a reduced rate from market price throughout the season in exchange for your advanced commitment to the farms.

By submitting your contract you are agreeing to the following rules and

regulations. Rules are subject to change slightly once season starts.

Pick Up:
  • You will pick up only during the designated hours of 12 PM to 3 PM.
  • Do NOT arrive early to pick up your shares. Pick up starts at 12:00PM and we won't be ready for you before then. If you are in a hurry we suggest not arriving right at opening because there is usually a line.
  • Do NOT arrive at 3:01 PM expecting to get your share. If you know you are going to arrive after 3 PM, please email us at and we will try our best to make arrangements for you to get it.
  • SIGN IN. To facilitate and ease check in, member/group are assigned a membership number. Check in will be by number not by name.
  • Please bring bags to carry all your produce. We do not provide bags. You will most likely need more than one bag, especially as the season grows more bountiful. We suggest storing a bunch of bags in your car so you will have them when needed.
  • You take only exactly what is listed in shares. There are no substitutions. The farmer only provides us enough produce for the allotted shares.
  • If you split a share(s), you will divide after you leave. You cannot leave your partner’s half for them to pick up.
  • For the safety of members, park in designated parking spots only. Do block the flow of traffic or park where you are not suppose to.
Volunteer Shifts:

    • You will volunteer for 1 or 2 short shifts for the season. (Volunteer sign-up will go out closer to the start of the season)
    • Arrive 5 minutes ahead of your shift when volunteering, so you have some time to settle in and start on time.  
    • If for some reason you are not able to make your volunteer shift, you will do your best to find a replacement, but let us know either way. If you have an emergency, please let us know at your earliest convenience at  

If You Cannot Pick Up: 
  • A friend or relative can pick up your share for you, however it is extremely important that they know all the rules and regulations (i.e. parking, pick-up times, check-in procedures)
  • They must know your membership number and all shares you get (e.g. veg, fruit, poultry, egg etc.).
  • They must bring bags.  


It is extremely important that you subscribe to our website (instructions below).  All your weekly share contents will be posted on the site. We do not want to clutter up your inboxes, so you will not receive any other emails from us during the season unless it is a shift confirmation, last minute change or piece of other pressing information. If you follow the site by email, then you will automatically get an email update on the posted information.

If you have not done so yet, please go to our website and submit your email address in the space provided on the left hand side of the site;  “FOLLOW BY EMAIL.”  You will then get a window, which will read Email Subscription Request.”  Follow the instructions on the request. You will receive a verification message in your email. You must respond to the verification message to activate your subscription to the Farm & Fork Society.”  

In addition, please follow the Farm & Fork Societys Facebook page as updates and important information will be posted there as well, and is often more timely for some folks.