Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letter from Cheryl Rogowski

Dear CSA Members:

It is now the 22nd of September, one month since Hurricane Irene. The damage done on that day still impacts our farm. Fourteen farmers were working the fields until the storm there are now two. It took 3 weeks for the water to drain away, and any produce in the flood water in excess of 2 hours was deemed to be unsafe by the FDA. Unfortunately we suffered 100% crop loss -- including pumpkins and winter squashes, dried beans, potatoes, acres of greens, and so much more.

Our farmers markets have allowed us to buy in produce to help us make money, which we hope will help us get through the winter and spring until we once again have revenues from our farm. We have been working feverishly in the tunnels (unheated greenhouses) to get them into production, but the challenges we face include colder nights and shorter days which means the produce takes much longer to grow.

We are doing everything we can to ensure we bring something to you our CSA customers for the duration of the season. The support each of you has given us is incredible and as we work to rebuild our farm and our region each of us here at the farm….


We discontinued deliveries last week in order to assess the damage to the farm and figure out how to go forward. Your deliveries resumed on Thursday September 22 and will continue biweekly. So the remainder of this season we will bring produce to Millburn on: 10/13, 10/27, 11/3 and 11/17. We are working to see what types of products we might be able to source from other farms. We have been able to source some items from nearby farms but the supply is very limited. We are also taking inventory of the vegetables we froze during the summer and will be using these as part of the CSA as well.