Monday, June 1, 2020

Letter from John Krueger, Circle Brook Farm

Hi Everyone, 

I hope all is well with you and your families during these challenging times. So, here is one last, short, pre-season update for you before deliveries begin next week. The weather has been great as of late, so I will not need to spend much time complaining about it. It was a very cold spring though and crops had been germinating and growing very slowly. We have been working hard for 2 months and we are well positioned to have a bountiful season. The early shares are always on the small side but this year they will be even smaller. I expect that will begin to change by the third or fourth week. The major pest of the mustard family- the flea beetle has been especially unstoppable and destructive this spring. This is likely due to the mild winter which allows more of the adults to survive. We have been battling this pest with several different organic sprays and covering many crops with an ag fabric to try to protect the crops. We were also hit hard by a root maggot in the cabbage and onion planting. We have been replanting as best we can. Peas are beginning to flower and the spinach, lettuces, beets, carrots and parsnips are all growing nicely. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplant have all been set out and as the weather warms, they will start to grow rapidly. The potatoes, which took forever to sprout, are now nearly a foot tall.

About 10 days ago the Zufall Health Center came out to the farm and tested my workers and I for the Covid-19 virus. Happily, all the tests were negative. I am hopeful that they will be able to return to test on a regular basis but as you know test materials are still in short supply. I suggested weekly testing, but they only smiled and said, “we’ll see”. They are a great organization and are committed to working with farmworkers along with other underserved populations.

Stay safe, Be well! 

Farmer John

Monday, May 18, 2020

Deadline extended to June 1! Now offering delivery!

Deadline to Join Extended to June 1

Now offering Delivery for $200 for the season!

Get produce weekly directly from the farm for six months!

No middle man.

All produce to be boxed and pick up will follow proper social distancing guidelines.

NEW!!! Delivery for $200 for the season

I am currently offering this to new sign ups first.  If you have already, joined and are interested in delivery, please click here to sign up for the waitlist.

Click HERE to go to the website and head over to the How to Join" section where you can find detailed instructions and a link to sign-up.  


It is time to sign-up for your volunteer spot! I am using to organize volunteer spots. Click here to sign up. You will also receive an email invite. Check you junk mail if you did not get it.

Also, if you cannot join the
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How to Become a Member
Click HERE to go to our website ("How to Join" section) where you can find detailed instructions and a link to our online ordering system. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Letter from John Krueger, Circle Brook Farm

Hi Folks,  All is well here on the farm. My workers and I remain healthy and are working hard to ensure a bountiful season for you. The weather has been far less than ideal -we have had several nights with temps in the mid -twenties and experienced snow flurries through most of the day on Saturday.  In my last update I said that I thought we would be able to start planting warm weather crops out into the field in a short time. It seems I was mistaken (or at least misled by the 10 day weather forecast). Instead we have been devoting ourselves to covering cold weather crops to protect them from damage.  It appears we are in for three more cold nights before it will be safe to plant the peppers and eggplant. We have already planted lots of tomatoes into our greenhouses and unheated high tunnels but we have thousands more to plant out in the field as well as tomatillos, ground cherries and goldenberries.  We are done planting the potatoes and are almost finished planting the onions.  We have transplanted the first crop of corn and have another crop ready to go (and tying up space) in the greenhouse.  Corn is not generally transplanted but rather direct seeded.  Without the fungicide treated seed that conventional farmers use it is the only way to get a jump on the corn season.  In cold soil the seed rots before it can germinate.  All of the direct seeded crops-peas, carrots, beets, radishes etc. that I have planted thus far have taken twice as long as normal to pop their heads up.  All of these crops as well as the transplanted lettuce and brassica starts have been growing very slowly due to the cold. After having worked so hard it is very frustrating to see so little growth!  But there’s nothing to be done except protect the crops and wait for warm weather.
We are beginning our first markets of the season this week. We are at Grove St PATH on Mondays and Thursday 3 pm to 8 pm. We will be in Montclair at the Walnut St. train station on Saturday 8 am to 2 pm and in Denville at the Upper Bloomfield Ave. parking lot on Sunday 8:30 am to 1 pm.   Pre-ordering is available on the local line website.  Come on down and support the farm!  Wear your masks and introduce yourselves- CSA member receive a 10% discount!
Stay safe, Be well!   
Farmer John