Monday, June 18, 2018

Letter from John Krueger (Week 3)

Hi Everyone, 

So it was another reasonably good week weather wise here on the farm. Temperatures have been mild (at least until today) and we had a midnight deluge on Wednesday night. A slow steady rain is always better than a downpour and this one only gave us about a quarter of an inch but it was helpful for getting some seeds up and for watering the brassicas and the root crops. As we head into late June and July the rain often starts to diminish and we start worrying about a drought. Many of the summer crops are watered with drip irrigation and for other crops, we have overhead sprinklers but it is a lot of extra work for us. We just seeded some okra and lima beans and I am in the process of planting the winter squash and pumpkins so a little rain will be much appreciated.

The zucchini and summer squash have begun to produce so we will have a few for everyone this week. The garlic scapes are finally ready to be cut; 2 weeks later than normal. These are the flower tops of the garlic and can be used somewhat like scallions- grilled or chopped finely and sautéed. Some folks put them in a blender with olive oil, nuts, and parmesan to make a kind of pesto. Kohlrabi is the brassica for this week. It is quite sweet with a cabbage-like flavor and can be grated to add to salads or to make a slaw (peel first) or cooked if you must... We will have broccoli and Napa cabbage soon. Spinach is still abundant and beautiful; there will be two bunches for everyone! Peas are still in scant supply but if you did not receive them last week you likely will this week. The root vegetable of the week will be beets for some (early week) and salad turnips for others (late week). Both have edible and nutritious tops which I encourage you to use. Next week you will receive the one that you did not this week.

I hope to see many of you at the farm visit this weekend. Remember to use 141 Brighton Rd. Andover for navigation and not the farm name!

The share for this week will be: Lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, beets or turnips, garlic scapes, summer squash, parsley and possibly peas. Premium share members will receive endive (frissee), choice of broccoli raab or kale and choice of a second herb (cilantro, chervil, summer savory or marjoram).


Farmer John

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This Week's Shares - Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (Week 2)


Bok choy 
Peas (possibly)
Choice of herbs (garlic chives, oregano, parsley, chervil, and mint).
Arugula (Premium only)
Escarole or endive (frissee) (Premium only)


Full Share Only

Full Shares Only

Note from Dan, the Mushroom Man: "So this is going to be a tasty treat this week. I have porcini mushrooms. This is probably the only time this season. This is a mushroom that I want to impress to use by Saturday rather than holding onto for a long time. Think pasta, risotto, or paired with a great piece of meat."


Full Share Only
Radish Shoots

At Pick Up: Meet Chelsa Hernandez of Coeur et Sol Urban Farm and learn all about her microgreens and farm. She will bring extra if you want to purchase on the spot.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Letter from John Kruger (Week 2)

Hello Everyone, 

I am happy to report that the weather has been uncharacteristically cooperative this past week. The temperatures have been moderate and we have had several nice gentle overnight rains. I think that there are few people other than farmers who can find such joy in a nice rain; perhaps an Englishman away from home and missing his native climate. Despite a late and difficult beginning to the season things are coming along well here at the farm. We have mostly caught up with our planting and almost all of the crops are growing nicely. The first planting of peas came up poorly and did not grow well after that; a consequence of the cool,wet conditions. Conventional farmers plant with fungicide-treated seed but the second and third sowings have fared better. We began picking peas today and we will have enough for some but not all groups this week. We will begin a rotation over the next week or two until everyone has had some. After that I expect there will peas all around (my wish for the world) after that for a few weeks. The beans are up and growing and should be ready to take over in the legume slot when the peas peter out. We normally have garlic scapes by this time but even they are running behind schedule; just another of those things we have no control over! Next week! So it’s mostly greens and herbs for this week. The lettuce is beautiful, the spinach is nice and the arugula is as fiery as a hot pepper. You can chop up a little and mix into salad if you’re brave enough, but I recommend braising or sautéing it to mitigate the heat a bit. There are radishes as well, which can also have their spiciness tempered by cooking (perhaps in a stir fry with the bok choy you will receive).

The share for this week will be: lettuce, radishes, spinach, bok choy, possibly peas and choice of herbs (garlic chives, oregano, parsley, chervil and mint). Premium members will also receive arugula and escarole or endive (frissee).

Farmer John