Friday, July 28, 2023

Farm & Fork Society Buying Club

How it works:

A google sheet, like this one, will be emailed out with what is available.  (Sign up for newsletter to get buying club order sheet.  It will not be posted here -- sign up form below.)

You will see that items come in bulk and a split up by count.  There are A LOT of items on the list and it will trim down. You can even order CSA boxes which includes a mixed variety of seasonal items (8-9 varieties).

For example, Organic Blackberries minimum order is 12 pints.  We will need all 12 pints sold to order that item.  
Gala Apples if minimum order is 40 pounds we will need all 40 pounds sold (or as close to) to order that item. Add how many pounds you want. If we get a totally of 40 lb, Gala apples will be ordered.

To order, put your name, email and cell number in the sheet and the quantity you want to purchase. (Examples in the chart.)  
It is important that you put your all your contact information on the chart.  

Orders must be place by 10 AM the Monday prior to pick up. However, if items are marked LIMITED this means that the farm only had limited quantities of that product and the sooner the farm gets the order the more of a chance we will get them before it sells out.

Meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef, and Lamb) is sold by the pound and it may be possible to only have a single person ordering an item as quantities are smaller.  

Organic eggs will be ordered every time, so there will always be fresh eggs with each order.  You still need to put the quantity you want just in case additional eggs need to be ordered.  

Beverages come by the case -- order on case per person.

Payment is via venmo/zelle.  Your totally will be texted to you prior to pick up.  After Monday 10 AM, you are responsible for the payment of your order. There are no cancellations after that time.

As for the chart, abbreviations are OG (organic), IMP (Integrated Pest Management). Sold by ct (count), CS (case), EA (each), LB (pound)

Ordering window usually begins Friday before with deadline Monday morning by 10 AM.

Pick up is every other Wednesday (with some exceptions but you will be notified in advance of ordering any changes)

Pick up time is 12-6 PM with evening times available on request. 

Any questions, email


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