Our Farmers

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC)

LFFC is a non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative of over 100 family farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained and enriched soils on our small-scale family farms.

LFFC provides fresh, certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh products through a subscription program also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA members commit to support LFFC farmers for the entire growing season by paying for their share of the harvest in the winter and early spring. The farmers are able to purchase supplies in the winter and start their crops in early spring, they repay the shareholders in fresh, organic, seasonal produce. CSA enables you to keep local sustainable farms and local food safe for future generations. It’s a great legacy.

The produce sold through LFFC is certified organic unless otherwise noted. We support farmers that are looking to make their farms sustainable. The animal products that you purchase are from small family farms with small herds and flocks. These animals always have access to pasture and enjoy the freedom of foraging through the grasses with the earth under their feet.

When you purchase LFFC products you can be confident that you will receive the freshest farm products, raised humanely, with consideration for the land, animals and people. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is owned by the farmers working in cooperation with each other to bring you healthy, quality foods. Thank you for helping to create sustainable communities.

Circle Brook Farm

John Krueger is the owner/operator of Circle Brook Farm. He has been an organic farmer for more than 25 years and providing organic produce to CSAs for more than 10 years starting with the Bloomfield-Montclair CSA in 2003. For the 2006 season Circle Brook was chosen to be the farmer for the Downtown Harvest CSA in Jersey City. During the 2007 season a new CSA group in Westfield was added and Circle Brook Farm supplied produce for 200 members among the 4 groups. In 2010 the farm served approximately 400 members through 7 pick-up sites. By 2012 the farm served 650 members and sold at 3 farmer’s markets- Montclair, Teaneck, and Denville. Circle Brook Farm currently services distribution sites in Montclair (3 locations), Westfield, Jersey City, Morristown, Newark, Metuchen, Staten Island, Caldwell, Millburn and New Brunswick. with a 2013 membership to about 700 members. In November of 2013, thanks to the generous support of many CSA members Krueger was able to turn a long time dream of owning his own farm into a reality. He purchased the 80-acre property and has an additional 50 acres of land that will be transitioned into organic production. In the coming years, Krueger will be planting fruit trees and bushes and has slowly begun expanding into the production of eggs. He has a grand vision of a diversified and integrated farm, something akin to the typical small farm of 100 years ago, except with the cutting-edge techniques and materials available in the 21st century. It will be a sustainable operation producing nutritious food for as many folks as possible with a minimum of external inputs; one of many emerging “model farms” that are leading the way as we learn to farm for the future. But more than this it will be our farm. A place for CSA members and market customers to visit; a place to bring children to teach them the source of their food.

Hepworth Farm

Established 1818, Hepworth Farm is a seventh-generation family farm located Milton, New York. After graduating from Cornell University in 1982, Amy Hepworth assumed leadership and began the process of dechemicalization, transitioning from standard farming practices to a "whole systems approach." The certified organic farm is operated by Amy, her twin sister Gail Hepworth and Gerry Greco.​
River Bend Farm

Corné Vogelaar was born and raised in the Netherlands. His family came to America in 1988, and after earning his degree in Animal Agriculture from Cook College in 1996, Corné became the manager of River Bend Farm in Peapack, NJ. River Bend Farm dates back to the late 1800's, and Angus cattle have grazed these hills since the 1950's. Today River Bend Farm’s 340 acres of pasture and hayground are home to 200 head of Angus and 80 Berkshire pigs. Corné and his family also keep 500 laying hens and raise pastured chickens.

River Bend Farm is dedicated to producing healthy, all natural meats. The All-Natural Angus Beef is pasture raised and of superior quality. The animals are raised humanely, with no antibiotics or hormones. The cattle receive a small amount of grain while on pasture to achieve the desired amount of marbling and tenderness, and in the winter they are fed home-grown grass hay.
Like their beef, River Bend Farm's Berkshire pigs are raised all naturally, on wholesome grains supplemented with an abundance of garden scraps and loads of apples. Berkshire pork is prized for its flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

Fresh from pasture to plate, River Bend Farm beef and pork provide a healthy and delicious eating experience. River Bend Farm beef and pork are featured at many fine local restaurants including Ninety Acres and Kings Supermarkets. Please visit www.RBFangus.com for more information.

The Foraged Feast

The Foraged Feast, (formerly DiningWild) owned by Maplewood. NJ resident and forager Dan Lipow, offers the highest quality wild foraged, cultivated wild mushrooms, and wild greens available.

Mount Mansfield Maple Products

Nestled within the foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains near the base of Vermont's tallest peak, Mount Mansfield, Mount Mansfield Maple Products harvest maple sap from over one thousand acres of the most loved and well cared for maple trees in the world. At this certified organic farm, they slog through the snow, tap the trees, produce the syrup, make the candy, ship the goodies... and love every second of it. Their maple syrup is 100% pure. It's the real deal, with nothing added or removed. As stewards of the woods, they appreciate that without these magnificent trees that their livelihood could not exist. They work hard to cultivate a healthy habitat for wildlife. From the harvesting of maple sap to the distribution of products, Mount Mansfield, Mount Mansfield Maple Products strive to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Former Partners

Coeur et Sol Urban Farms

Coeur et Sol, French for heart and soil, is an Urban Farm founded by Chelsa Hernandez in 2017, beginning their farming journey vertically indoors growing Microgreens. Owner and founder, Chelsa, started her urban homesteading journey with 16 chickens and a small garden in 2016. In April 2017, Chelsa left her career in Retail Management & Buying to work for a nonprofit Urban Farm in Passaic County. Coeur et Sol acquired their first ¼ acre urban lot in East Orange, NJ in October 2017. Since then, Coeur et Sol has become a trusted source of soil-grown Microgreens for chefs in Essex County, NJ. Starting in January 2018, Coeur et Sol has been bringing Microgreens to the kitchens of local residents.

Coeur et Sol is an urban farm with a mission to grow commercial produce sustainably in Essex County, NJ. Their small business development is guided by their desire to help feed, educate, and enrich urban ecosystems with locally sourced agriculture grown organically. Coeur et Sol Farms and gardens are spaces where they hope to connect food, community, and sustainability by applying market gardening principles. In 2018, Coeur et Sol will be piloting their first market garden on borrowed land in the city. They will grow and provide leafy greens, tomatoes, cut flowers, and other crops for the local community via the East Orange Farmers Market.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse 

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse was founded by Jonathan and Nina White in 2002, on leased farmland. They purchased a 186-acre farmstead in Milford, NJ in March of 2010, and moved their family, herd, and business to Milford in June 2010. The Bobolink is a ground-nesting bird that relies on undisturbed grasslands for its reproduction. As such, they are compatible with pastured animals, but cannot tolerate tilled cropland. Once as common as the robin, they are now severely limited across their entire range. By naming their business for this creature, they hope to increase public awareness about how important it is for agriculture to respect and nurture wildlife.
Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse is a small, grass-based dairy that is committed to farming sustainably, and humanely by letting their cows live on the pasture, eating the diet that they evolved on: native pasture grasses. They make fine artisanal cheeses from the high-quality grass-fed milk. Their Wood Fired Rustic Breads are made from regionally-grown organic grains and other local ingredients. They are cold-risen using natural starters (with a bit of yeast added in a few of the styles), and baked in a wood-fired oven.

Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refinery Company Inc.

Born in New Jersey, Joey Russo became interested in maple sugaring at 13 years old when his parents purchased a retirement home in Delaware County New York. He received a bachelors degree in Food Industry from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture in Pennsylvania, He also studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and received an A.O.S. degree in Culinary Arts. Shortly after Russo began his professional career he purchased a large sugaring operation in Lamoille County Vermont in the Town of Belvidere. Using his food engineering background, he devised an evaporating system using high-pressure steam. The system is refined year after year and makes a beautiful flavored pure Vermont maple syrup at the Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Company. In addition, Russo has recently purchased property on Lake Champlain where he makes the finest pure honey. 

Apple Ridge Farm

Located in Saylorsburg, PA and originally founded in the mid-1800’s, Brian Bruno’s family bought the Apple Ridge Farm in the early ‘70’s. For 30 years they raised sheep, horses, apples, and kept a large garden. After graduating from Penn State in 2004 with a degree in Environmental Resource Management, Brian wanted to take what he learned to continue what his parents had started. The more he learned about modern agriculture and the corrupt food system the more interested he became in trying to change it. Since returning to the farm Brian and his wife Lisa have added a greenhouse, hydroponics, a certified kitchen, and a wood-fired brick oven bakery.The farm’s philosophy is simple. Produce the type of food people expect from a small sustainable family farm.

Apple Ridge Farm's breads are simple, all based on 3 main ingredients, flour, water, and sea salt. They use King Arthur organic flour and Farmer Ground organic heirloom whole wheat called Glen along with ingredients grown on the farm such as garlic, potatoes, and onions. All breads are naturally leavened.

Breezy Hill Orchard/Knoll Krest Farm

Elizabeth Ryan is the owner/operator of Breezy Hill Orchard & Knoll Krest Farms in Hudson Valley, NY. Equipped with a degree from Cornell University in Pomology (botany and cultivation of stone fruit), Ryan’s orchard has been growing highly flavored fruit since 1949. Ryan maintains a long-standing commitment to sustainable agriculture and local green economies. The orchards at Breezy Hill are sprayed minimally and certified in the Eco Apple and Fair Trade programs. The home farm has been managed exclusively with certified organic materials for 5 years and will certify next year. They consider biodynamic the holy grail and are focused on environmental stewardship and fair labor. The farm grows more than 50 varieties of apples in addition to raspberries, strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, peaches, plums, and pears. Breezy Hill also offers a full line of completely homemade fresh fruit pies, baked goods, salsas, chutneys, and fresh apple, pears, and apple raspberry ciders, and, some European style ciders.

NOTE: The NY/NJ Metropolitan area is not known for its fruit, and organic or sustainably grown is almost unheard of. We have researched and interview farmers throughout the area and Breezy Hills Orchard’s practice are in line with our mission to provide you with environmentally friendly and healthy produce.

Knoll Krest Farm has been raising all-natural poultry and eggs for generations. The happy hens are free running and are raised without antibiotics and hormones. They only use vegetarian feed. Their pasta is made from semolina flour and their own pastured chickens’ eggs.