Who We Are

Started in 2008, Farm & Fork Society was a Community Supported Agriculture Group , however, in 2022 we transitioned into a wholesale buying club. However, our mission remains the same.

Our goal is to build a strong community within and around our farmer partners while providing healthy and seasonal food to you and your family.

Farm & Fork Society started in 2008 after a group of local citizens got together with a common goal: to provide their families with healthy organic/sustainably grown produce and support local farmers. Our first season started in the founder's family garage with 30 families and one farmer providing us with just vegetables. Members picked their shares based on the honor system – which is still used today. Over the years we outgrew our location, added additional farmers and grew to serve more than 100 local families. Farm & Fork Society became New Jersey’s largest and most diverse CSAs. COVID changed the frequency and format of how we worked and since 2022, we are now a wholesale buying club. 

Farm & Fork Society believes in a system where we connect small local farms and businesses that are line with our values direct to the community.


  • All our farmers pursue farming practices that are environmentally sustainable. 
  • Produce is either certified organic, organic stewardship, eco-farmed or sustainably grown. 
  • Animals products are raised without antibiotics and hormones. 
  • Our farmers can trace back all the materials they use in their farming practices. 


  • We believe in having deep, meaningful and lasting relationships with our farmers.
  • We encourage our members to meet our farmers and visit the farmers to see for themselves where their food is comes from. 
  • We are happy to talk to our farmers to get answers to any questions you have. 
  • We feel strongly about helping out our community and providing help to those who are less fortunate. We have supported the campaign Generation Zero: Working to Reduce Hunger in New Jersey. This program provides fresh produce from our farmers directly to local food banks and donate to local food banks

Melissa Goldberg, Founder

Melissa is the founding member of the Farm & Fork Society. A Public Relations professional, she holds a Masters in Energy & Environmental Studies from Boston University. Melissa wrote a blog called Green Luvin’ 
on sustainability and environmental issues that was incorporated into Eco-Chick and was on her town’s Green Team. As mother of two boys, she and her family she grow organic fruits and vegetables in their town’s community garden.

To contact us, email us at farmandforksociety (at) gmail.com