Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Letter from John Krueger

Hi Folks, 
We still have not received any substantial rain here at the farm. Forecasts of drought breaking rain by at least one weather website turned out to be empty promises. We are doing our best to keep everything watered, moving the sprinklers to a new spot each evening and letting them run all night. During the day we use the irrigation capacity that we have in rotation for the many crops that are planted with drip lines.  The biggest problem we have is getting seeds to germinate in these dry conditions. We are also beginning to transplant the fall brassica crop and the drought is making that difficult as well. We have another shot at catching some scattered thunderstorm activity, Tuesday night and Wednesday- keep your fingers crossed!
The peas are finished for this season and the main bean crop is still 2 weeks away, but we do have small quantities of beans from a small early planting. We hope there will be sufficient quantities for a half pound per share for this week. The solenacea crops are doing well and we should have eggplant and maybe a few peppers for next week. Tomatoes are probably at least 2 weeks away.  Broccoli is done now until the fall but we are still picking cauliflower and expect enough for everyone over the next 2 weeks. Some will be a yellow variety called Cheddar. The fennel is a bit small, but it is starting to flower so it’s use it or lose it.
The share for this week will be: Red lettuce, fennel, salad turnips, carrots, sweet onions, cucumbers, string beans, summer squash, choice of chard or kale, Yukon gold potatoes, cauliflower or cabbage, and choice of an herb (summer savory or parsley).   
Farmer John