Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter From John Krueger

Hi Folks, 
Unbelievably, we are still on the dry side here at the farm. Last Monday’s storms brought only a half an inch of precipitation and 3 days of predicted rainy weather at the end of the week left the rain gauge empty. We will need to continue moving the sprinklers around the fields to insure that broccoli and cauliflower produce large heads. We continue to enjoy mild temperatures with no frost in sight for at least another week. In spite of the balmy conditions the heat loving crops have slowed way down. 
We are done with tomatoes for the season and peppers and eggplant will be available only as “extras”.   Beans are still coming in but only in small quantities. We have begun digging and curing the sweet potatoes and the crop looks fabulous. 
We expect to have broccoli for most groups this week, although those who have received it twice already this fall may get something else in it’s place. We also have beautiful Napa or Chinese cabbage. In addition to edible commodities we will be sending a couple of ornamental gourds for your seasonal decorating. These are for your visual pleasure only- don’t try to eat them!  We are low on arugula for now until the next planting sizes up but we have abundant tatsoi and Yukima savoy mustards as well as broccoli raab and gailan or Chinese broccoli.
We have a fair number of decorative pumpkins but it has become logistically impossible to deliver these to all members.  Anyone who would like a pumpkin is welcome to come to one of our markets to receive one.  Montclair- Sat. 8-2; Denville –Sunday 9-1 and Hoboken –Tuesday 3-7.  We will also host a Fall Farm visit on October 27 from 11 to 4 when you will be welcome to come out and pick up a pumpkin. This will be similar to the spring event with farm tours and a potluck lunch. If there is interest we can also do some pumpkin carving. Hopefully the weather will be cooperative.
The share for this week will be: Sweet potatoes, lettuce, beets, celery root, broccoli, and choice of a mustard, Napa cabbage, acorn squash, red onions, string beans, and kale, choice of dill or cilantro, and decorative gourds.   
Farmer John