Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alternative Pick-Up Location for Vegetable Share; Details on 2014 Farm & Fork Society

We believe deeply in helping out our farmers and finding a way to get you the freshest and healthiest food.  We hope we have found a solution for those families who are unable to pick up at our normal Friday time and location.  

Our vegetable farmer, Starbrite Farm, is at the Montclair Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. There are 20 Vegetable Shares available to be picked up at the market on Saturday mornings from 8-10 AM at the Starbrite Farm stand.  All shares will be pre-boxed and there will be no substitution of the contents in your share.  

Share price will be $635.  The increase in price is the pay for the extra labor and supplies the farmer needs.

There are several great vendors at the market including fruit, meat, eggs, fish and cheese so you can supplement your share. We do not want you to feel like you are missing out on our other offerings.

In addition, you will still be able to purchase some of our other supplemental shares the CSA will be offering throughout the season including meat, honey, maple syrup and cheeses.  We will work out a system so you will not miss out.

As you know we are a volunteer organization and you will still be required to fulfill your volunteer obligation in some way, i.e. helping at the farm or in some other capacity such as administrative duties.  

There are only 20 slots available for pick up at the Montclair Farmers Market and will on a first come basis.  If you would like purchase this option, please mail in your commitment form marked MONTCLAIR on the top of the form and include your check for $635 to Starbrite Farm and $20 Membership Fee per person. 

For all CSA details, contract, rules and regulations click here.

We hope that this solution works out those unable to pick-up at our regular location/hours. These shares are still part of the CSA and will be helping out the farmer tremendously. 

Any questions, please email us.