Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicken, Pork & Beef from River Bend Farm (Peapack) / Figs from Anderson's Farm (Martinsville)

River Bend Farm - Pork, Beef, Chicken

Are you are running low on your Beef or Pork Share from River Bend Farm or would you like to try their wonderful products? We are happy to inform you that you can order directly from the farm. 

River Bend Farm also has Chickens. Their Chickens are raised on pasture in movable coops where they can access fresh grass daily and are supplemented with non-GMO feed! River Bend Farm is proud to be able to offer these tasty and healthy Chickens that are raised without antibiotics or hormones. Available will be whole Chickens, cut-ups, and quarters. SPECIAL: Buy 10 or more, get 10% off!!  So stock up for the fall.

Chickens will be available on a first come first serve basis. You do not need to place an order. Pick up day will be this Saturday, September 13, between 9AM-noon. Pick up is at the Farm location (refer to River Bend Farm website for directions). There will be some other items available as well. 

For Pork or Beef, you need to order using the farm's order form. Form can be found here. The butcher schedule is below.

October:  Berkshire Pork (orders due Sept. 12, pick up early Oct.)
November:  Angus Beef (orders due Oct. 8, pickup early Nov.)
December/January:  Berkshire Pork

To keep up-to-date on River Bend Farm's butcher schedule, sign up for their newsletter on their website: http://www.rbfangus.com

Anderson's Farm - Figs

We recently discovered Anderson's Farm in Martinsville. The Anderson family have been growing apples and veggies for more than forty years. But what caught our attention were the FIGS! Growing figs in New Jersey is almost unheard of. We had to try them and they are delicious!  

If we get enough members who are interested, we will place an order from Anderson Farm. Figs are $7-8 per dozen. We are hoping to get a bulk rate so at this juncture we do not know the exact price. If you are interested in purchasing, please email us at farmandforksociety@gmail.com. Once we get the exact numbers we will see if the Anderson's can fill the order.