Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter from John Krueger

Hi Folks,  
As we head into the final weeks of the season winter weather is already rearing it’s ugly head In last week’s episode I mentioned feeling frustration; my mood at present can best be described as mildly depressed. Most of you have just recently had your first frost, but out here we are a bit farther north and at a slightly higher elevation. I’ve lost track of how many frosts and hard freezes we’ve had so far. It doesn’t really matter much anymore since the tender crops are done and what is left in the field is fairly hardy. The weather coming by the end of the week however is more like the deep freeze and even some of the tougher crops will be damaged. Those which can survive temperatures in the low 20’s will not be able to grow and mature. Damn polar vortex! We will be doing our best to protect some of the crops we are trying to get to the finish line and harvesting as much as we can to keep in storage for the final week of regular season deliveries. The biggest potential disappointment is the cauliflower, much of which is just beginning to head. We may be forced to cut it at a rather small size.
For this week though we still have a very nice share for you. There are still lots of nice greens, a few herbs, and of course root vegetables and winter squash.  We still have a few sweet potatoes left and in spite of the curing process we have put them through they are not keeping well. I had wanted to save these for the final delivery but we think it is best to get them too you ASAP. What we have the most of is the Japanese type with purple skin and cream colored flesh.

The share for this week will be: Potatoes, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, yellow onions, choice of spinach or Swiss chard, lettuce, choice of arugula or broccoli raab, tatsoi or other mustard greens, savoy cabbage, choice of escarole or frissee, carrots, and choice of an herb.    
Farmer John