Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Co -- Orders due by Friday, July 3, 9 AM!

We will be heading up to Vermont this weekend to pick up our Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Company Products.

Orders are due by Friday morning, 9 AM (July 3). You can drop your order off at address on the order form. 
Order form link is below.

Members may order Maple Syrup (4 grades), Maple Cream, Maple Vinegar, Maple Candy, Honey, Creamed Honey and Vanilla Extract.

All products are organic, GMO free and Kosher. All maple products are made at the Farm in Belvidere Center, VT. All honey is made from bees raised on Lake Champlain in Alburgh, VT. Products will be delivered the following week. Order form can be found below and on our website.

Maple Syrup (4 Grades, 4 Sizes, $10-$48)
Maple Cream ($15/lb)
Maple Candy ($15/lb)
Maple Vinegar ($15/Quart)
Honey ($22 Quart/$12 Pint)
Creamed Honey ($8.50/lb)
Vanilla Extract ($12/0.5 Pint)

To find out more about the Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Co, click here to read about Melissa's visit to the farm in Vermont with her sons last year.