Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Offering: Herbal and Medicinal Teas Share

We are very excited to announce a new offering! We have teamed up with Sunny Farm Veggies & Berries LLC & Conscious Infusion Custom Teas & Wellness to create a Herbal and Medicinal Tea Share blended to perfection by Suzanne Minicozzi. Suzanne has been growing her own herbal plants and blending them into teas for 15 years and we are excited to bring her talents to Farm & Fork Society Members. In addition to getting some amazing teas, your support will enable Suzanne to continue and expand her practice and purchase needed infrastructure on the farm plot she Leases in Andover, NJ.

Conscious Infusion Tea Share starts in August and runs through November, every other week for a total of 8 deliveries. All the herbs in tea are grown using earth conscious cultivating methods without the use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Any herbs outsourced to fill out blends come from reliable organic sources.

Suzanne will be at our pick up location on July 17 sampling her teas and answering any questions you may have.

Share details and order form can be found below.

Hand & Wildcrafted Herbal and Medicinal Tea Share

Twice a Month Tea Share Members will receive:

A Box of 12-15 large bags of delightful Herbal Tea, each bag will brew approximately 3-4 cups of tea. (16-20 oz of brew each bag). All of the blends are smooth, tasty and delightful. They can also be chilled for a Delicious Cold Summer Beverage (2 bags per 1/2 gallon pitcher). Each share/delivery you receive, will include brewing instructions, historical use, and health benefits of the herbs in that weeks' "Herbal Tea Blend”.

As the cold weather sets in, Share Members will also receive a Caffeinated or Non-Caffeinated Chai Tea (you choose) in a generous amount, to last into the holiday season as part of the CSA subscription.

*If you are allergic to any herb or there are flavors you don't like, Suzanne will be happy to accommodate and adjust the blend to suit your needs.

Some of the Ingredients the Blends include:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Blackberry Leaf & Berries 
  • Mulberry Leaf & Berries
  • Holy Basils - 4 types (Tulsi Rama, Tulsi, Vana, Tulsi Krishna, and Tulsi Kappoor)
  • Mints 
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lemon Grass
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Elder Flower & Berry
  • Chamomile
  • Rose Petal / Orange Peal /Fennel Seed
  • Peach and Raspberry Black Beverage Teas
  • And More 
Nutritive and Personalized Therapeutic Blends also Available upon request for an additional charge.

Any questions regarding the Teas Share, should be emailed directly to Suzanne at

Hand & WildCrafted Herbal and Medicinal Teas Share
Share starts in August and runs through November 2015
Pick up dates: August 14, 28, Sept. 11, 25, Oct 9, 23, Nov. 6, 20
Total Season Cost: $132.00 ($33.00 per Month)
One Box/ 2 times a Month
Share Includes:
15-20 handcrafted tea bags from local grown and organically sourced herbs
Bonus hand blended Chai Tea at seasons end
Lavender flower bouquet

Tea Share Order Form