Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reminder: River Bend Farm Meat Share Deadline -- NOVEMBER 1

DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 1 for the last River Bend Farm Beef and Pork Share


Pick up will be at the Farm & Fork Society’s Millburn location
November 20th between 12pm and 3pm. 

River Bend Farm Beef is all natural, pasture raised and high quality Angus which is naturally dry aged. River Bend Pork is of the Berkshire breed which is full of flavor and naturally tender and juicy. All the meats are antibiotic and hormone free.

Angus Beef Sampler Pack: 40 pounds of beef: 1/3 steaks that may consist of Rib-eye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Tenderloin and Ranch (Chuck), 1/3 Roasts that may consist of Chuck, Rump, Round, & London Broil and 1/3 Ground Beef. (Reg. $425 - Farm & Fork Society $382.50)

Berkshire Pork Sampler: 35 pounds of pork that may consist of ham, ham steaks, chops, spare-ribs, bacon, 3 kinds of sausages and a pork shoulder. There will be no Scrapple in the Pork Sampler. (Reg. $275 - Farm & Fork Society $247.50)

Orders must be received no later than November 1, 2015. 

Please refer to the order form for details. Click here to download.