Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Letter from John Krueger

Hello Everyone, 
So we have reached the end of the season and it is time for me to bid you all adieu until next year. It was a challenging year but with farming I have come to accept that the each year will have it’s own unique problems and glitches. It was for the most part a dry year which is always better than a wet one. We received just enough rain to get by and irrigated when it began to get to dry. Overall I am pleased with the production we had and with what I was able to provide to the members; I hope you all feel the same. I feel that we have been improving with each year and we will continue to strive to provide you and your family with the best variety and quality we can. We have a very nice share for you this week, so we will end the season on a high note.  
For squash we are sending and assortment of cooking pumpkins- some round, some oblong some oblong some with grey skin and others with orange or pink. They have names like Long Island cheese pumpkin, Jarradale, pink banana, Guatemalan blue, and my favorite (at least for the name) Uncle Dave’s Dakota Desert. They all have deep orange flesh and work well for baking pies or cakes as well as for soups. For greens we have arugula and spinach and a three way choice between kale, collards and broccoli raab. We also have some nice baby Bok choi. We have rainbow carrots and a choice between red skin turnips and daikon as well as rutabaga- a traditional Thanksgiving dish for many.
I would like to express my gratitude to all of the members for their support and especially to the core group members and site coordinators who work so hard to make this program possible and allow me to concentrate on the growing. And as always I am extremely thankful and grateful to my crew who toil long hours in all kinds of weather to care for and harvest our food. I wish you all a safe and healthy winter season and Happy Holidays!
The share for this week will be: Lettuce, garlic, sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, arugula, potatoes, choice of red skin turnips or daikon, cauliflower, choice of kale, collards or broccoli raab, spinach, baby Bok choi, a cooking pumpkin or squash and choice of an herb- dill, cilantro or sage.
Farmer John