Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Letter from John Krueger (Week 8)

Hi Folks, 

Well it continues to rain, but at least this round brought us some relief from the heat! It looks as though the temps will be more moderate this week; the humidity not so much. So summer is officially in full swing now- the tomatoes have begun to ripen! While we won’t have enough to distribute this time around, we should by next week. What we have more of are Sungold cherry tomatoes, so some groups will receive these this week and others the next. We are also beginning a rotation with the beans, so you should get either the cherry tomatoes or the beans. Melons are beginning to ripen too, and will likely be in the shares next week. All this moisture has taken a toll on the beet tops- they get blight and turn brown. You will be receiving beautiful beets in the share but without the greens. Greens in general are scarce this time of the season. We are going to let the kale and chard rest for this week.

The share for this week will be: Broccoli, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, beets, cucumbers, either beans or cherry tomatoes, red skinned potatoes, white onions, and choice of an herb (garlic chives or parsley). Premium shares will receive an extra lettuce, basil and bok choy. 

Farmer John