Sunday, October 21, 2018

Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey -- Fresh from the Farm -- Available for Members and Non-Members

Thanksgiving Turkey from Goffle Farm in Wyckoff, NJ. 

Deadline to Order:  November 2

Pick Up in Short Hills
Local Home Delivery for a Fee

Size ranges between 10 lbs and 40 lbs. 

Orders are taken with a 2 lb variable as follows.
10-12 lbs
12-14 lbs

14-16 lbs
16-20 lbs
18-20 lbs
22-24 lbs
24-26 lbs 

 Pricel: $3.50 per pound fresh turkey (not frozen)

Local Delivery: $10 fee.

Pick Up Location: Short Hills

Pick Up Date:  Monday, November 19

Time: TBD

 Deadline to Order:  Friday, November 2

Payment: There will be a $5 service fee per turkey order.  Payment will be made on pick up or delivery based on each individual turkey weight. Payment can be either by check, cash, Venmo or PayPal.

TO ORDER:  Email the following to 
(1) Name
(2) Cell number
(3) Turkey Size
(4) Delivery or Pick up
(5) Delivery Address if applicable 

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.  Email me with any additional questions you may have. 

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How does Goffle Farm raise their turkeys?
Located in Bergen County, Goffle Farm raises free-range turkeys prohibiting any use of steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products in their operations. The turkeys are homegrown and naturally processed. The birds are grown in open turkey porches, where they get plenty of fresh air and are allowed to move freely about. They are fed a balanced diet of various grains, corn, fresh water and are never given any steroids or preservatives.

Are the turkeys organic?
No, the turkeys are all natural. They are freshly processed, free roaming, steroid free, preservative free, hormone free and animal bi-product free. The organic certification process would increase the cost of the products and would not make the flavor any better. Goffle Farm prefer to keep their birds all-natural to provide a fresh product at a sustainable cost.

Doesn’t fresh processed have a game flavor in the meat?
Yes, it is true that fresh killed will have a chewy, gamely texture if cooked within 24 hours of being processed.  However, Goffle Farm have streamlined the process. The bird you take home will be ready to cook on Thanksgiving. Simply leave it in the fridge until you are ready to cook it.

I picked up a turkey and I noticed there is ice in the cavity. Is this turkey fresh?
Yes. To ensure turkeys stay fresh in the time between pickup and cooking, Goffle Farm uses a process called chilling to keep the birds fresh. A chilled bird is colder than it would be under regular refrigeration, but not so cold that the meat freezes. By chilling the bird, any moisture in the cavity may turn to ice, while the bird itself will stay fresh. Chilling guarantees your bird will stay fresh for the 3-5 day resting period it needs before it is ready for the oven on Thanksgiving.

How do I store a turkey?
It is strongly recommended that you maintain an environment under 35° Fahrenheit until the bird is cooked.