Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 Season, Details and Early Bird Pricing

It is that time of year again! Time to sign up for Farm & Fork Society, our 12th Season!

Here are some highlights and changes for 2019. Full Share details can be found in the "Shares Offered" section.

- Season Dates: June 12 to November 20
- Pick up Day, Time, Location: Wednesdays, 12-3 PM, Downtown Millburn

- Evening Pick Up Location: I am working on evening pick up location for working families. If you would like to join but cannot pick up during the day, please email me at and I will put you on an evening pick up list.

- Early Bird Pricing Before March 1: Early bird pricing is available for Vegetable and Fruit. The March 1 deadline is firm. No exceptions. 
- Payment: PayPal (3% service fee) Check, Venmo, ApplePay
- Vegetable Share: Two sizes available -- Basic and Premium. Full details are on the website.

NEW Vegetable Half Pre-Bagged Premium Share: For those who don't have time to selected all their produce and want to grab and go, you can purchase a pre-bagged premium half share.  Items will be the same as the Premium share but half the amount.

NEW Fruit Share: Fruit share will be 22 weeks starting June 19th through November 13th from Hepworth Farms.  

NEW Poultry Shares: Gladstone Poultry Farm (part of River Bend Farm) will be supplying fresh, free-range, GMO, antibiotic and hormone free chicken. There is a variety of share options including whole chickens and pieces. Poulty shares will on be every other week. Details on in "Shares Offered Section."

River Bend Farm Meat Shares: I am finalizing details on a monthly meat share (beef, pork, lamb, chicken) -- similar to a Winter Shares.

Riverbend Farm Biweekly Retail Orders: Members will be able to order meat every other week from River Bend Farm to be picked up with your shares.   
- Weekly Add-Ons: I will once again offer weekly add-ons to our members including bread, eggs, pastries and other products from local farmers and purveyors.
- Food Pantry Donations: I continue to raise money to purchase shares for our local food pantries; Our Lady of Sorrows, Interfaith Food Pantry, MEND food pantries and Isaiah House. I am currently working on making it a registered 501c3 to reach more people, help more farmers and feed more people. Details soon.

Share Buy Backs: For potential members concerned about summer vacations and missing shares, this year I am exploring buying back weekly shares from members and donating them to our food bank partners using the proceeds of our fundraisers.