Friday, May 31, 2019

Letter from John Krueger

Hi Everyone! 

So the first delivery of the season is fast approaching and we are working hard to get our planting done and be ready for a strong start. I’m sure you have noticed that it’s been raining a lot, which for us has meant another challenging planting season. I am reluctant to complain too much while most of the country has been experiencing extreme weather. Tornado alley is getting pounded, which is not totally unusual in the spring, but we have had tornados pass just to the north and just to the south of us this past week. This is not normal folks, but don’t tell that to the climate change deniers! 

We have been putting up more high tunnel greenhouses to grow our tomatoes and cucumbers under protection. Every time strong storms roll through I worry that these new structures will be damaged. We are fortunate to have a sandy loam soil which is well drained. The fields dry out relatively quickly and we are able to take advantage of brief dry spells to get some seeds or transplants in the ground. We have been behind in our planting, gotten caught up and then gotten behind again. We are currently backed up with finishing our summer crop planting. I have beans planted but no corn yet. If we can just get three days in a row without getting drenched we can get back on track. The spring crops are doing fine - the peas are flowering prolifically, the spinach, lettuces and brassicas are all growing well and the beets and carrots are coming along nicely. A little more sunshine and a little less of the wet stuff would really be appreciated!

Enrollment in the CSA program has again declined this year. I have to confess I am very worried about the future of the farm. I was able to get started in farming and even buy my farm based on the support of CSA members like you. Small local farms need all the support they can get and are very important in the fight to mitigate global climate change, even as they are some of the most vulnerable to it’s effects. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool we have available to us. Please help spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors. 

Thanks for your support!