Monday, August 12, 2019

Letter from John Krueger (Week 10)

Hi Everyone, 

So the weather continues to be excellent for both plants and humans! If this keeps up it will be a Circle Brook Farm update record for consecutive weeks without complaining about the weather! Maybe I should call the Guinness Book of World records folks- I understand they’ll certify just about anything if there’s enough money in it. There are strong storms forecast for tomorrow, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes. In the meantime we have lots of nice produce heading your way!

We are back in business on the lettuce front, at least for this week. We still have an ample supply of cukes and eggplant and there are literally tons of tomatoes. We are moving in to some different varieties with the string beans. Two heirloom types are beginning to produce heavily- Dragon Langerie (a purple streaked wax bean) and the Rattlesnake bean (a purple streaked green pole bean). Rattlesnake beans, also known as Preacher beans down south, are quite sweet and tender enough to eat raw. They can be served as a crudité vegetable where their beautiful coloration can be appreciated, since it fades away with cooking. If memory serves I promised sweet corn for this week, but it is not quite certain that there will be enough to go around. The first planting came up a little sparse. We have many plantings behind this which seem to be catching up to each other, so corn will be abundant soon.

The share for this week will be: Beans, cukes, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, red skin potatoes, beets, red onions, eggplant, melon, choice of ground cherries or cherry tomatoes and sweet corn (?). For: extras there will be tomatillos and assorted hot peppers. Premium members will also receive scallions, choice of kale, chard or dandelion greens and choice of an herb (parsley or lemon/Thai basil).
Farmer John