Monday, September 30, 2019

Letter from John Krueger (Week 16)

Hello Everyone, 

We continue to experience dry conditions here on the farm. This past week we received a scant 0.2 inches of rain. We were hoping for a bit more overnight Saturday but it never arrived. I was anxiously watching the radar as bands of rain moved across Pennsylvania but the storms either dropped all their moisture to the west of us or passed to the north. Our next chance for precipitation is on Thursday; fingers crossed. Meanwhile we continue to move the sprinklers around the field to get the most important crops the water that they need.

We are sending some rainbow carrots in the shares this week. These are the last of what we had in storage from the summer planting but they are still in good shape. Unfortunately one of my July plantings did not germinate well and had to be abandoned. We expect to have a fresh crop in a week or two. We are beginning to have more broccoli heading up and will be shipping it out to you as availability allows over the coming weeks, with Napa cabbage as the stand-in in the meantime. Cauliflower should be starting to head up more abundantly soon and the Brussel sprouts are looking good. We hope to have one more round of zucchini and summer squash for you before it is replaced in the line-up by the winter varieties.

The share for this week will be: Lettuce, peppers, choice of kale or chard, green beans, rainbow carrots, choice of broccoli raab or arugula, broccoli or Napa cabbage, gold potatoes, summer squash or delicata, scallions, choice of an herb (parsley, cilantro or dill). Premium members will also receive salad turnips and small tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.

Farmer John