Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Currants!!! What to do with them?????

We are getting a lot of questions about what to do with currants.   

Currants come different varieties from dark purple to brilliant ruby red and an almost translucent white. However, no matter what the color they have an acid kick that balances out their sweetness. Your mouth will pucker. 

You can eat them fresh in fruit salad or green salad but I prefer to use them cooked.  I love them in scones, cakes and they also make a great jam.  Below are links to a few recipes. 

TESTED AND GOOD! Currant Cake 

Red Currant Yogurt Cake 

Red Currant Clafoutis

Red Currant Crumb Bars 

Currant Jelly 

Currant Jam 

Red Currant Crumb Cars 

Red Currant Loaf Cake 

Red Currant Ice Cream