Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Letter from John Krueger (Week 21)

Hello Everyone, 

The weather continues to be good for growing, although it looks like somewhat of a dreary week ahead. The forecast for Friday night into Saturday has been fluctuating in the mid-twenties, what we would refer to as a hard freeze as opposed to just a frost. At that point we will be giving up on protecting the more tender crops and covering the hardier ones to protect them from damage. Even crops like kale and spinach which are quite tough can sustain damage which reduces their quality and marketability. We will have to cut any broccoli or cauliflower that is heading regardless of the size because if the heads freeze, they are ruined. Lettuce is amazingly resistant to the cold but if the tender center of the plant freezes it will no longer continue to grow and size up. There are only a few weeks until the end of the CSA season, but the challenges never end!

We are continuing the rotation with broccoli, cauliflower, and kohlrabi; everyone has received a head of cabbage already. We have some very nice rainbow carrots for you as well as some beautiful spinach. As promised, we have some lovely lettuce in the shares. The baby bok choi has gotten quite large; perhaps we should call it adolescent bok choi.

Thanks to the folks who came out to help this past Sunday. It was great to meet so many of you and for you to have a chance to see the farm. It was a big help to us, and I know that everyone had a good time. There is still plenty that needs to get done, so we will offer another opportunity this Sunday. Volunteer shifts at 10 AM and 2 PM and a farm tour (either before or after) at 1 PM. RSVP kruegerjohn@earthlink.net

The share for this week will be: Lettuce, buttercup squash(kabocha), broccoli or kohlrabi or cauliflower, spinach, rainbow carrots, arugula, leeks, potatoes, baby bok choi, daikon and cilantro. Premium shares will receive some beans and a second bunch of spinach.

Farmer John