Friday, May 9, 2014

Stone Ridge Orchard Saved from Development! Letter from Elizabeth Ryan

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that after seven years as tenants and four years of negotiations to purchase the Stone Ridge Orchard, we are finally the proud owners. Last week, we (Elizabeth Ryan and Breezy Hill Orchard) acquired the farm for $1.3 million. We couldn't have done it without the endless moral support of friends, colleagues, customers, and funders.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the apple trees thank you as well.

We were able to close with a loan from a newly funded farm affordability program managed by Equity Trust, a not for profit whose slogan is "Promoting equity in the world by changing the way people think about and hold property". The land will soon be protected by a conservation easement held by Scenic Hudson. We'd like to take this public opportunity to thank them for taking a leap of faith to help save this very important and historic orchard.

The Stone Ridge Orchard has been at risk for major development for nearly a decade. We are delighted to be working with the land preservation community to protect this beloved orchard. We are committed to broadening public access and expanding the Marbletown Rail Trail. We hope to preserve this beautiful land as a working farm, at the heart of the community, for generations to come.

Throughout our efforts to purchase the orchard we have kept the public updated through Friends of Stone Ridge Orchard. On Saturday May 18, we will host the first of many open meetings at Stone Ridge Orchard. We invite you to come to the farm, hoist a glass of cider, and discuss the upcoming projects we're planning. Please contact Elizabeth Ryan with your questions or comments at or 845-266-3979.

One of our dreams for Stone Ridge Orchard was to establish an heirloom hard cider orchard, a portion of which will be managed organically. We have just launched a campaign to raise the funds for this new and unexpected project.  To read, watch a video about the campaign and get involved click here

With warmest regards,
Elizabeth Ryan and the staff at Breezy Hill and Stone Ridge Orchard