Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harvesting Garlic with Farmer John by Rina, Age 8

Farm & Fork Society member Beth K. went to Starbrite Farm a few weeks ago with her family and friends to harvest garlic with Farmer John. Learn all about it from her daughter Rina, Age 8. (Next Volunteer Day is Sunday, August 4th, 10 AM. Help with onion harvest. Email John at if you plan on attending)

After a 45 minute trip we arrived at Farmer John’s house. He was waiting outside. We talked to Farmer John for a while. After we were done talking we got back into our cars and he led us to the field. When we were at the field he led us to where the garlic was. Then he showed us how to pick the garlic. Then we started to pick the garlic. It was really fun!