Tuesday, September 29, 2015

November Meat Share & New Mushroom Share

For Members & Non-MembersOur last River Bend Farm meat order of the season is scheduled for a delivery date of November 20th (also the last pick up date for the CSA). If you are interested in ordering would you kindly email us at farmandforksociety@gmail.com by the end of this week. The farmer needs a certain level of commitment in order to move forward. If we have enough interest, we will be sending out more details and an order form.River Bend Farm Angus Beef Sampler Pack and Berkshire Pork Sampler Pack: The Angus Beef Sampler includes 40 pounds of beef: 1/3 steaks that may consist of Rib-eye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Tenderloin and Ranch (Chuck), 1/3 Roasts that may consist of Chuck, Rump, Round, & London Broil and 1/3 Ground Beef. (Reg. $425 - Farm & Fork Society $382.50) and the Berkshire Pork Sampler includes 35 pounds of pork that may consist of ham, ham steaks, chops, spare-ribs, bacon, 3 kinds of sausages and a pork shoulder. There will be no Scrapple in the Pork Sampler. (Reg. $275 - Farm & Fork Society $247.50)
Members OnlyWe are very excited to announce a new offering! We have teamed up with DiningWild to create a Mushroom Share. DiningWild is owned by Maplewood resident and forager Dan Lipow who is excited to bring his exotic edibles and forage mushrooms to Farm & Fork Society Members. DiningWild offers the highest quality wild foraged, cultivated wild mushrooms, and wild greens available. Starting October 9th for 7 weeks, the mushroom share will include 1/2 pound of fresh wild and/or organic cultivated mushrooms. Share details and order form below. Dan will be at our pick up location this Friday, October 2nd to talk to members about the share and answer any questions you may have. He will also have order forms if you want to sign up then.DiningWild Mushroom Share: Mushroom share may include but is not limited to Maitake, Velvet Piopinni, Clamshell, King Oyster, Wild Oyster, Wild Hen of the Woods, Wild Horse Mushroom, Wild Blewit, etc.. Farm & Fork Society members price is 15% less than DiningWild's market price. (1/2 lb each week for 7 weeks. $75). To order, download order form here.
***Our weekly leftover produce is now going to Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry in South Orange and the Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges. Farm & Fork Society is so happy that we can help out those in need.