Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Letter from John Krueger

Hello Folks, 

So we have had 2 light frosts since my last update. We were able to cover and protect a few crops, notably the peppers. We tried to save a late planting of string beans but were only marginally successful. We are still quite dry and are hoping for some rain on Friday. Most of what remains in the fields now are brassica family crops that require a lot of water.

The cauliflower has begun to head up and we will be starting a rotation over the next couple of weeks. Those who do not get cauliflower will get Napa cabbage. We are continuing with the broccoli rotation we started last week; those who do not receive broccoli will get kale. We are doubling up on the root crops as other crops are in decline. This week there will be radishes and beets (some of the beets are huuuuge so a bunch may consist of just one 2 lb. beet)

I received a good response to my inquiry concerning a farm visit with almost all preferring Sunday. So we will host a visit on Sunday, October 23 from 11 am until 4 pm. This will be a potluck picnic with grills available for meats or other items. I will give a farm tour at 11:30 ish and another at around 2:30. At present the forecast looks good although a bit chilly so dress warmly. We will have pumpkins available for carving if there is interest. If you have already RSVP’d, I will try to respond but I am very busy so come any way if I don’t. If you have not sent an RSVP - no need. All are welcome so bring a friend, family and especially prospective new members! Pets are welcome too. Circle Brook Farm 141 Brighton Rd. Andover NJ 07821

The share for this week will be: Red skin potatoes, peppers, lettuce, red onions, butternut squash, radishes, a beet or two, either broccoli or kale, either cauliflower or Napa cabbage, choice of spinach or arugula and choice of an herb (parsley or garlic chives). 

Farmer John