Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FAQ on Missed Shares, Volunteering, Vacation, Etc

After the first couple of weeks into the season, it seems that many of you are confused about what happens when if you have problems with your shares, with volunteering requirements etc. To help alleviate that potential confusion, here are answers to most of your questions below.  

What happens if I am running late? 
If you are running late, please email us before 3 PM at farmandforksociety@gmail.com and we will do our best to put your shares aside for you. Even if you do email us, there is no guarantee that we will be able hold your share after pick-up hours for you. Our farmers have tight deadlines and must leave our site promptly. If you email us after 3 PM, your produce will be gone.

If I don't pick up, what happens with the produce?
All leftover produce gets donated to our food pantries partners that feed almost 600 patrons a week. So rest assure, your produce will not go to waste.

Can a friend come pick up my share if I cannot?  Yes, you can always have a friend pick up your shares but please let them know all our rules and regulations. They must know what shares you get (while we track who is supposed to get what, our on-site volunteers will not know everything for everyone.) Your friend needs to have bags andknow your check-in number.  Farm & Fork Society volunteers are not responsible for making sure you get your shares, they are just there to facilitate the process.

Can I stop my shares while on vacation? 
No. We are a CSA not a food delivery service. All of the money you paid up front goes to run the farms. You are receiving produce at almost 50% less then supermarket prices. Even if you missed a share you are still ahead of the game.

Do you ever sell weekly shares? No but we are going to try something new to help those who are on vacation.  We have had people in the past ask to try out Farm & Fork Society. I thought it would be great if everyone could post their vacation schedule and I will do my best to sell your shares while you are on vacation to those you want to try but cannot commit. I have created a google document (here) where you can sign up. We will facilitate selling the shares and give you a percentage back.  

Do I really need to volunteer?
Yes. We are a community group that runs on volunteers. Volunteering is part of your membership requirement and you agreed to our rules and regulations when you signed up.

How do I sign up to volunteer?
You have already been sent a request to sign up via SignUp.com. Most of you have already signed up. Thank you!  If you have not received the request or you cannot find any volunteer openings, please email Jennifer, our volunteer coordinator, at volunteerffs@gmail.com and she will help you.

What happens if I don't show up for my shift?
When you don't show up for your shift it creates much more work for those who do show up. Recently we had none of the people who had signed up for volunteer shifts show up. Our solution was, well, not ideal. My 10-year old son and a member's daughter helped us out, and while they were high-energy, they are kids, and not as focused as you would be. Plainly said, Farm & Fork Society does not run without volunteers. It is your responsible to find someone to replace you or let us know with enough time in advance so we can reach out to the group.

What are my volunteering options? You have two options. You can either volunteer for one of our pick up site shifts (11 AM -1 PM, or 1 PM - 3 PM) via Signup.com or you can help harvest produce at Circle Brook Farm. Circle Brook Farm Volunteer Day schedule has just been posted on our website. Click here to see schedule. The first time to volunteer is this weekend. John need help harvesting peas.

What happens if I cannot find any openings or cannot go to the farm? Please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer at volunteerffs@gmail.com and she will find a spot for you.

What if neither volunteer options work for me? If you cannot volunteer at our pick up site or at the farm, then we will ask you to pay a $25 volunteer fee for us to cover the cost of hiring someone at our site.