Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekly Addition Menu for August 2nd Delivery

Here is our Weekly Addition Menu for August 2nd Delivery
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Deadline to order Sunday, July 30th by 9 PM
Pick up Wednesday, August 2nd, 12-3 PM
Invoice will be emailed via PayPal.
$3 service fee will be added to your order.

Only one more Rosemary Sourdough left!
August 2 Delivery Menu

Profeta Farms
Organic, Non-GMO Sweet Corn:  1/2 dozen $6, dozen $12
(Limited quantities available)

Montclair Bread Company 
Rosemary Sourdough: $6.75
Mild sourdough made with fresh, hand-picked rosemary leaves
& extra virgin olive oil.)
Raisin Walnut Boule: $7.50
(Round loaf loaded with raisins & walnuts.)
Box of Assorted Donuts: $19
6 donuts (Apple Cider, Glazed, Maple Bacon, Nutella, Jelly and S’mores)
Farm & Fork Society 
All products made from Organic/Eco-Farmed produce
Peach Jam: 8 oz - $12
(Fruit from Breezy Hill Orchard, Staastburg, NY)
Blood Orange Marmalade 8 oz - $12  SOLD OUT!
(Fruit from Good Taste Farm, San Diego County, CA)
Rhubarb Jam 8 oz - $12
(Fruit from Breezy Hill Orchard, Staastburg, NY)
Frijoles Negros: $14
(Cuban style black beans. Made with organic ingredients including black beans, peppers, onions and spices. Delicious over rice.) 24 oz 

The Forage Feast
1/2 pound share (two different mushroom varieties) $14
Maitake (Hen of the Woods) 1/2 lb:  $14 
Baby Shiitake 1/2 lb:  $14 
Clamshell Mushrooms 1/2 lb:  $14 
King Oyster 1/2 lb:  $14 
Dried Herb Mix (1/2 ounce): $5