Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly Additions -- Deadline Sunday, June 18, Delivery Wednesday, June 21

As I let you know throughout the spring, I was hoping to be able to bring to you all some really cool additional products and share items. Some of these may be weekly offers, other may be one-offs.

So with that, I am so excited to announce our first weekly add on from the Montclair Bread Company and the Foraged Feast! Take a moment, and read the details below. The bread is fantastic. I've eaten it before and I'm VERY excited to bring this to you (am me).

And if you're into mushrooms, well...these are ah-may-zing. 

If you know of any other great products that our members would like, please share with me.

Eat Well,


June 21 Delivery Menu

Montclair Bread Company, a family-owned bread bakery with a doughnut addiction, using traditional European techniques, locally sourced and all-natural ingredients 

The Forage Feast, purveyor of wild and specialty provisions who sells foraged and wild mushrooms, berries, roots, greens, herbs, teas, and more to restaurants and at farmers markets in Northern New Jersey.​Montclair Bread Ancient Grain Loaf: $7.50

Montclair Bread Sunflower Honey Wheat Loaf: $6.00

The Forage Feast Weekly 1/2 pound share (two different mushroom varieties) $14

Maitake (Hen of the Woods) 1/2 lb: $14 

Baby Shiitake 1/2 lb: $14 

Clamshell Mushrooms 1/2 lb: $14 

King Oyster 1/2 lb: $14 

The Foraged Feast Dried Herb Mix (1/2 ounce): $5

If you are interested in ordering, just send an email to stating what you want.

Order must be received by Sunday, June 18th.

Payment must be completed by Tuesday, June 20th. 

Invoice will be emailed via PayPal. 

$3 service fee will be added to your order.